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For retailers

Retail market is a very specific area of our business that we strongly concentrate on. In our everyday business, we ensure complex services for a traditional market. Thanks to a developed sale structures, we are able to react quickly to the evolving needs of our customers from this segment.

Quality, unique flavour and passion to create represent the key values to us. Therefore we cooperate with the best companies that have operated on the Italian, French and Greek markets for generations and as such they have co-built the culinary history of the Mediterranean Basin.

We choose new products for the purpose of ensuring culinary inspirations to our consumers and to embed our brands in their kitchens for good.

We are open for cooperation. We offer a vast range of products that are fully available and quickly delivered.

To all our partners we ensure:

  • Vast portfolio of the best selling products
  • Attractive prices
  • Warehouses located in the neighborhood of the largest towns
  • Product consultancy
  • Support in planning of a shelf and positioning of the products

Parties interested in entering into cooperation are kindly asked to contact to Sebastian Bilnik,  sbilnikamichalski|northcoast.com.pl| ||northcoast.com.pl, tel: 665 940 264

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