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Northcoast | Włoskie produkty premium


We are aware of the fact that in order to achieve the success, certain factors must be fulfilled. They are the competences, experience, passion and dedication. Nevertheless, people are the superior value in our company - people, who want to build their carriers with us. It is for them that we create an inspiring work environment so that they could achieve their professional objectives.

What do we offer:

  • Employment contract
  • Stable employment
  • Private healthcare plan 
  • Social package
  • Opportunity to use  group life insurance
  • Clear definition of tasks for each job
  • Ambitious targets in order to foster professional growth

Information about the projects that we currently execute is available at pracuj.pl.


If you are interested in starting your carrier within our company, we encourage you to submit your resume to the following address:   biuro|northcoast.com.pl| |biuro|northcoast.com.pl.

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