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Northcoast | Włoskie produkty premium

For Horeca channel

Our offer encompasses a vast range of products to fulfill the needs of clients from HoReCa segment, regardless of the size of their business. Domestically, North Coast reaches to over 2,300 facilities like coffee shops, bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants.  We attach a great importance to the quality of our products, timely deliveries and top standards of customer service. 

We bring a vast array of premium quality products. We use only our own transportation fleet and warehousing premises.

We bring 50 sales representatives across Poland at a disposal and for the assistance of our clients. Upon your request, we will offer maintenance of devices and professional assistance in the form of expertise and consultancy. Moreover, we also organize cooking shows as well as training concerning our products.

We hold over 1,000 products dedicated to gastronomy.

To all our clients we ensure:

  • Vast array of products tailored for HoReCa segment.
  • Skilled and experienced team of Sales Representatives operating across Poland.
  • Cooperation with the biggest and the most renowned brands.
  • Vast warehousing premises and the company’s fleet of delivery vehicles that guarantee quick, timely and complete deliveries. 
  • Attractive prices.
  • Professional consultancy in the latest cooking and culinary trends and food solutions.

We are a distributor who understands the chef's needs.

Parties interested in entering into cooperation are kindly asked to contact :  biuro|northcoast.com.pl| |biuro|northcoast.com.pl

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