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On May 28, 2019  the Chartherhouse Capital Partners, British investment fund, the owner of the dominant shareholder of the Nuova Castelli S.p.A, signed a contract for the sale of the entire block of shares of the Nuova Castelli for the benefit of the Lactalis Group.  This transaction will be subject to approval by the competent regulatory authorities.
Thanks to this transaction, the Nuova Castelli Group becomes a part of a family-owned company, a leading manufacturer of dairy products and the largest cheese manufacturer in the world.


About Lactalis Group:

The Lactalis Group, with a turnover of 18.5 billion euros per year, is the world leader in the manufacturing of dairy products, operating in all categories of this market.  It is the largest cheese manufacturer in the world, the European leader in the market of consumer milk, butter and cream, and one of the main players on the market of ultra-fresh products.  The group employs approximately 80,000 workers in 94 countries, owns 250 manufacturing facilities in 54 countries.

Joining the Lactalis Group is a real opportunity for us to acquire new resources and product options that will facilitate us in improving our position in the market, while the above transaction does not affect the current operations of the North Coast SA.

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