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Northcoast | Włoskie produkty premium

Position on the market

Market position of the company has not been left to chance. For over 25 years, North Coast has worked for the position of the leader in the domestic market of importers and distributers of premium quality foods. We are the leading player in the market segment of highly specialized wholesalers offering products to FMCG sector. To our suppliers we ensure the exclusive right for distribution of their products in Poland. The advantage that we offer consists in a careful section of suppliers, effective distribution ensured by our warehousing facilities in Gliwice, Pruszków near Warsaw, Kraków and in the neighbourhood of Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznań and also fully professional customer service.

We know that an average buyer becomes increasingly demanding and that on taking a decision to buy a specific product, they are guided increasingly frequently by non-price related factors and pay special attention to the quality of offered products. Therefore a genuine potential of the company’s growth is embedded into the profile of our assortment.

North Coast’s offer is appreciated by customers with a developed culinary imagination, who look for original products of national cuisines. North Coast attaches a specific attention not only to ensuring the broadest possible selection of characteristic ingredients of Italian cuisine but also makes sure that tradition of recipes and suggestions for cooking Italian dishes are propagated.

North Coast supplies the imported products to four groups of recipients:

  • Chains of superstores
  • Chains of medium-size supermarkets
  • Retail distributors: around 1,300 independent groceries
  • Hotels and restaurants: about 1,400 customers 
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